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PPI Product Spotlight N Series

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0201N 0402N 0603N Series


Huntington, New York – January 2018


Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI) now offers extended voltage for the EIA Low ESR 0201N and 0402N. These capacitors now have extended voltage of 50V and 250V respectively, Case sizes are 100% RoHS, and exhibit Low ESR/ESL, Low Noise, High Self-Resonance, as well as ultra-stable performance over temperature. 


0201N series: Size: .020” x.010”

Value Range: 0.1pF – 100pF 


Extended WVDC: 50V

Q = 2,000 min. @ 1 MHZ 

TC: 0 +/- 30 PPM/°C  (-55°C - +175°C)


0402N series: Size: .040” x .020”

Value Range: 0.1pF – 33pF 


Extended WVDC: 250V

Q = 2,000 min. @ 1 MHZ

TC: 0 +/- 30 PPM/°C  (-55°C - +175°C)


Also included in this series is the 0603N. 


0603N series: Size: .060” x .030”

Value Range: 0.1pF – 100pF 

WVDC: 250V

Q = 2,000 min. @ 1 MHZ                                                      

TC: 0 +/- 30 PPM/°C  (-55°C - +175°C)


Engineering Design Kits available.

See our website for complete series information.  


With over 30 years in the RF/Microwave industry, Passive Plus, Inc. manufactures high quality, high power passive components using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Specializing in Magnetic & Non-Magnetic HI-Q Capacitors product lines, PPI supplies reliable quality components to the Military, Medical, Semiconductor, Broadcast and Telecommunications Industries.

Contact Passive Plus directly at (631) 425-0938 or email sales@passiveplus.com for quotes, pricing, orders, custom assembly requests or specific engineering questions. 

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