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Modelithics 90-Day Free Trial CAD Models - Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI), a Modelithics® Vendor Partner (MVP), is now offering design engineers a Free 90-Day Trial license for the Modelithics PPI Component Library. This will provide PPI customers access to extremely accurate scalable simulation models for Passive Plus capacitors with advanced features that enable a more precise and rapid design process.

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Thin Film Products


With decades of experience in high reliability thin film products for the RF, Microwave, Telecommunications, Medical, Fiber-Optics, Defense and Space industries, PPI provides the highest quality and broadest variety of resistors and Thin Film components (Standard and Custom designed). Facilities include an in-house RF lab that enables us to characterize both commercial and MIL-PRF-55342 Class H qualified parts. Capabilities include, but not limited to, filled vias, gold bumping, & castellations on substrates from AlN to Quartz. Standard lead times are typically 4-8 weeks. All PPI Thin Film Products below are non-magnetic.

  Style PPI Series Resistance Range Operating Frequencies Power Handling Data Sheet Quotes & Samples
  Standard Resistors
Standard Resistors PR 0.5Ω to 35MΩ DC to 500MHz 50mW to 6W
Back Contact PR 5Ω to 25MΩ DC to 500MHz 50mW to 750mW
Standard with Edge Wrap PR 1Ω to 3.5MΩ DC to 500MHz 50mW to 6W
  Microwave Resistors
Standard Microwave Resistor PM 2Ω to 5kΩ DC to 60GHz 50mW to 15W
Microwave with Edge Wrap PM 2Ω to 5kΩ DC to 60GHz 50mW to 15W
  Dual Chip Resistors
Dual Chip Resistors PD 2Ω to 1MΩ DC to 500MHz 25mW to 1W
  Resistor Arrays
Standard Resistor Arrays PS, PB, PI 5Ω to 1MΩ DC to 500MHz 50mW per resistor standard
Network Resistor Array PN 80Ω to 500kΩ DC to 500MHz 250mW
Standard Attenuators PAT 0.5dB to 24.5dB DC to 40GHz 250mW to 16W
      Insulation Resistance        
Thermal Conductors PTC 1012Ω min at 25℃    
      Inductance Operating Frequency      
Spiral Inductors PLS 1.2nH to 28nH DC to 500MHz